For immediate release – April 2021

London, UK: International business journal MediaTainment Finance (MTF) has launched MTF Monitor, a new analysis platform offering a unique data source on investments in the Media, Entertainment and Creative (MEC) industries.

The regularly updated platform currently covers 10 years’ worth of acquisitions, sales and merger transactions starting 2011.

More than 52% of the deals listed saw dealmakers disclose the amount spent. These totalled an estimated US$4.9 trillion

More than 52% of the deals listed saw dealmakers disclose the amount spent. These totalled an estimated US$4.9 trillion, confirming that the MEC industries are highly valued by investors.

In this information-rich but time-poor age, the analysis platform offers valuable research data for quickly understanding the who, what, where, why, when and how much in MEC investments, and to identify trends over time.

The platform also highlights the MEC sectors that have received particular attention from investors over the 10-year period with television securing 13.2% of the total deals listed. It is followed by games and esports (12.2%), music and audio (11.8%), live entertainment (10.7%), fashion and luxury (8.9%), book publishing/print media (8%), and film/video producers (7.4%).

Juliana Koranteng, founder of media-content agency and MTF publisher JayKay Media Inc, says: “The financial and cultural values of the MEC sectors can never be overestimated.

“Most governments worldwide agree the creative industries, from grassroot activities to international operations, are significantly indispensable contributors to their national economies.

“Their positive emotional impact on wellbeing is also being highlighted at a time when the current pandemic threatens the livelihood of media and entertainment creators and key related jobs.

“MTF Monitor provides insights into what investors are doing with their money in the creative and culture businesses, especially in these eco-conscious and diversity-imperative times.”

MTF Monitor is exclusively available to clients of JayKay Media Inc.



About the MTF Monitor methodology

The MTF Monitor analysis platform is frequently updated and currently comprises hundreds of thousands different data points.

The investment deals included are those that have grabbed international headlines, been highlighted by international and local business media, examined by international specialist trade publications, and gained significant social media attention.

MTF Monitor is complemented by MTF Sports Value, a second analysis platform focusing on money spent on sports media rights.

About JayKay Media Inc and MediaTainment Finance (MTF)

MTF Monitor is an offshoot of international business journal MediaTainment Finance (MTF), the only publication dedicated to financial investments in the following sectors:- Film, Video, Television, Music, Audio, Advertising, Marketing, Sports, Live Entertainment, Art, Games, Book Publishing, Print Media, Fashion, Luxury, Architecture, Design, and the related copyright issues.

It is published by JayKay Media Inc, the London-based boutique media-content agency specialising in the international media, entertainment and creative sectors.

JayKay Media Inc celebrates its 10th anniversary in April 2021.

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