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From breaking-news, short-form articles to long-form stories, analytical features, plus special reports, our business-news publication MediaTainment Finance (MTF) is on a mission to keep our readers and subscribers abreast of the latest developments in the international media, entertainment and creative (MEC) industries. Click here to subscribe.

MTF was one of the first-ever publications to start covering esports, as casual and professional competitive video-gaming is called, as a business. The rapidly growing commercial esports sector is attracting new investors daily. For that momentum to be sustained, laws and regulations that could affect its growth and protect the related intellectual properties need to be established. That is where our newest project, MTF’s E-Games Law, comes in. Contact to learn more.

MTF’s sister publication TechMutiny focuses on the technologies that are disrupting and reinventing how the MEC industries are distributed, consumed and monetised. Click here to subscribe.